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Quickstart Mobile Mechanics is a reliable & professional mobile mechanic service that comes to you – whether it be at home, at work or if you are broken down and require roadside assistance.

Top tips for Summer car care

By |December 20th, 2020|Car Service|

When the weather starts to warm up many of us think about planning ahead - maybe boosting our health and fitness regime, getting a haircut, a pedicure, or perhaps buying a new swimsuit and stocking up on sunscreen. Have you ever considered that your car might need a bit of preparation too? The Aussie summer [...]

Can I DIY or do I need a mechanic?

By |November 24th, 2020|Car Service|

Would you consider performing your own heart surgery? Didn’t think so. While once upon a time cars had a lot of moving mechanical parts which made some of them easy to fix and repair in DIY fashion, most modern cars are computer automated and some are so kitted out with fandangled whizbang gadgets that even [...]

Caravanning and Camping is cool again

By |August 27th, 2020|General|

There’s no doubt that Covid-19 has changed everything about how we work, live and play. And one of the biggest trends to come out of the pandemic has been the re-emergence of the family road trip and the camping holiday! With overseas travel off-limits for the time being, and lots more people having the freedom [...]

Going Green: Is the eco-friendly car revolution all hype?

By |July 17th, 2020|General|

At the end of a routine service the other day, a customer remarked: “You know, sometimes I wonder if this will actually be the last petrol-fueled car I actually own.” It’s definitely a thought worth pondering. Electric cars have been around for a while, and in recent years, sales continue to climb. Some projections suggest [...]

Preparing your car for a road trip

By |June 26th, 2020|General|

With the school holidays looming and the government encouraging us to ‘see Australia’ to kick-start the economy after Covid-19, here’s what you need to know about preparing your car for a long road trip. After several weeks in lock down, most of us have been looking forward to a change of scenery. And with the [...]

How do I know if my tyres need replacing?

By |February 29th, 2020|Car Repairs, Car Service|

If you have your car serviced regularly by a professional (and you should!), then your mechanic will definitely let you know when your tyres are showing signs of wear and tear. If you want to check yourself, then there are two signs to look for. The first is visible wear – any dents, bulges, scratches [...]

Why use a mobile mechanic?

By |December 15th, 2019|Car Repairs, Car Service, General|

We know how it is: you’re busy. And life just keeps getting busier. Sometimes it seems there are just not enough hours in the day to get through all your responsibilities and have a little fun along the way .... But there is one way guaranteed to save time and hassle, and that’s to have [...]

Mobile Pink Slip Service Now Available!

By |March 4th, 2019|Mobile Pink Slip|

The head mechanic of Quickstart Mobile Mechanics in partnership with Carlingford Autocare is excited to announce we have partnered with Roads and Maritime Services to offer our customers a new trial service which allows us to come to you for e-safety (pink slip) checks. This means you don't have to leave your home or office [...]

Signs That You Need Your Engine Oil Replaced

By |October 24th, 2017|Car Service|

Your oil is responsible for running the engine of your car. Although oil is not expensive, it has an important job to do! Clean oil keeps dirt and soot from damaging the engine components, lubricates the engine, and cleans, cools and protects these components. As a professional mechanic in Parramatta, we find that engine oil [...]

3 Things That You Need to Consider When Buying a Car

By |October 24th, 2017|General|

When buying a car, you know better than to walk into a dealership unprepared! You need to be sure that your dream car is reliable, comfortable, drives well and that you are getting a great deal! As professional mobile mechanics in Sydney, we find that the following three things are important to consider when buying [...]