As a mobile mechanic in Western Sydney, we see many expensive car repair bills occur which could have been prevented through proper car maintenance and routine servicing. Here are the 3 mains reasons that you should get your car serviced regularly.

  1. To Avoid Engine Failure and Expensive Repairs

Changing the oil in your car is one of the major factors of a car service. When your car is not serviced regularly, sludge can build up in the oil, which stops your car’s engine from being sufficiently lubricated. If you do not change your oil regularly your car’s engine can fail completely, leaving you with expensive repair bills. Our qualified mobile mechanics in Sydney can come to you at your home or workplace …. time is not a factor when it comes to having a regularly serviced car!

  1. Avoid Breaking Down 

Having regular car servicing in Parramatta and surrounds ensures that the essentials are changed and checked including oil, filters, brake and clutch fluid and various other parts of the car. Ensuring that these essential items are looked after will extend the life of your vehicle.It will make your car more dependable and able to do its job of getting you where you need to go!

Your vehicle is also checked for defects as part of our mobile service at Quickstart Mobile Mechanics

  1. Safety

Avoiding car servicing and repairs leads to a myriad of accidents on our roads each year. Many of these accidents occur due to faulty brake systems, tyres that do not have enough tread, poor steering alignment, and other items that are inspected at regular car servicing intervals. For the safety of you and your family and the other drivers on the road, get your car serviced with our mobile mechanic in Western Sydney every 6 months or 10,000 kilometers (whichever comes first).

With regular servicing, your car will also be worth more when you sell it! Taking the time and money to service your vehicle when it is due will mean that is more dependable and will save you money long term. For expert car servicing in Parramatta areas, contact us at Quick Start Mobile Mechanics Sydney.