Pink & Blue Slip Inspection in Parramatta, Castle Hill & Western Sydney

RMS Pink Slip and Blue Slip Authorized Mechanics in Parramatta, Castle Hill and Western Sydney.

A Pink Slip is a safety inspection report, currently known as an e-safety or rego check. Some cars in NSW require this report before being registered by the RMS and can be driven on our roads.

Quickstart Mobile Mechanics is an authorized RMS safety inspection mechanic in Parramatta and can easily and conveniently carry out the inspection check while you wait.

Safety inspection checks need to be carried out at a RMS e-safety station. Being a mobile mechanic, an inspection can still be carried out however it will require you to bring your car to our registered mechanical workshop which is currently located in Telopea (only a few minutes from Parramatta).

If the inspection passes, we will issue the Pink Slip and send the report to the RMS automatically for you. Together with your green slip, you can then easily register your vehicle over the phone or internet. No need to visit the RMS office and wait in long queues.

If you require a Pink Slip, please be sure to call in ahead and make an appointment. For your convenience, bookings can also be made on Saturdays between 8am and 1pm.

pink slip

Blue Slip

A Blue Slip is another type of safety inspection report, also known as Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection.

Not all vehicles will require a Blue Slip before registration. A Blue Slip will need to be issued under certain circumstances for example:

– If your registration has expired for more than 3 months
– Your car currently does not have any number plates
– You have brought a car to NSW from another state

Finding an authorised RMS Blue Slip inspection mechanic can be difficult, especially on the weekends as it can require some time to carry out the Blue Slip inspection. The good news is that Quickstart Mobile Mechanics can help you out, including on a Saturday!

Again, like Pink Slips, the inspection and issue of the Blue Slip can be carried out while you wait at our registered mechanical workshop in Telopea near Parramatta.

If you require a Blue Slip, please be sure to call in ahead and make an appointment.

blue slip

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